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'Deskercise' - Chair Stretches To Do At Work

Posture Matters!

Research shows that repetitive motion, poor posture and staying in the same position can cause or worsen musculoskeletal disorders. The habits we build working at a desk, especially whilst sitting, can contribute to discomfort and health issues including:

• neck and shoulder pain • lower back pain • carpal tunnel syndrome • stress • obesity • migraines • sleep disturbances • muscular changes

The good news is that moving or stretching is a buildable habit. Make sure to take scheduled breaks throughout the day to take a quick walk or stretch. Studies show that periodic workplace movement and stretching can relieve both physical and mental stress.

See the image below to see if you're work station set-up is optimal for your posture.

Here are some simple stretches you can do whilst sitting at your desk, so there's no excuse to fit them into your working schedule! The perfect way to minimise discomfort without compromising productivity!

Hold poses for 10-30 seconds and repeat on the other side. Remember to breathe normally throughout the stretches and never hold your breath. You may find your range of movement increase with every exhale! Don't go further than is comfortable.

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